How The Humble Mum Came To Be

PinboardWelcome to The Humble Mum. Here is the story about how this little enterprise came into being. It’s a simple tale really, quite quick and easy to tell because it all happened this week!

I was doing one of my twice daily walks from my office over to the daycare centre where my children go to do a feed with my youngest. All of a sudden, my mind was filled with all of these thoughts and opinions. Now this in itself isn’t entirely out of character for me, but this time I could see a vision. It was clear as day and the ideas started flowing faster and faster.  I thought to myself, “self, I should start blogging, I can tie in social media and it’ll be divine!”

Now blogging isn’t something that is a foreign concept to me. I’ve written two blogs in my lifetime and a long history of diaries before those. I’ve always fancied myself a bit of a writer. I have written a lot of very bad poetry in the midst of heartbreak and despair (I may even share some with you one day as embarrassing as it is). I  blogged about the end of a very bad and damaging romantic relationship. I blogged my day to day life at one stage but I can’t remember why I stopped. And my biggest writing accomplishment is three folders full of partly written novel ideas, some chapters, character outlines and the like – all hanging unfinished as life took me in a different direction and I stopped reading Mills and Boon thinking “I could do that!”.

Since I’ve become a mum, I don’t follow any mummy bloggers religiously, but I’m a googler, so I’ve definitely come across one or two. I’ve always had strong opinions on certain things like car seat safety and vaccinations – but other things like how you feed your child, how you birth your child, any aspect really on how you raise your child – these topics never provoked my need to speak out and hop up onto the blogger soapbox.

I have followed a few YouTubers lately and I started thinking that perhaps I could become a YouTuber – but I’ve honestly seen the nasty side of it where the anti-fans, haters and doubters go to troll the YouTubers and each other and it’s a nasty nasty place. I mean, this could happen anywhere, but I was probably stopped from doing YouTube vlogging for now based on those reasons. Whilst I can make a website and edit it – making and producing video footage to rival some of the best YouTubers out there is probably something that I still have to master. Not saying that I won’t post videos here and there – but I won’t be cashing in on those click throughs and planning my retirement based on YouTube income anytime soon.

So here I was, all full of pep, ready to launch my empire. And here is how I did it:

  1. I played around with some possible brands – The Humble Mum came from a random smattering of ideas that I was Shift F7’ing on
  2. I searched the business register, FB, Twitter and domains for TheHumbleMum and they all came up clear (What?? I hear you cry, yes I was as surprised as you are!)
  3. And 30 minutes and $50 later I’d signed up to GSuite and purchased the domain name, registered a business name (I already had an ABN), set up FB, set up Twitter and just like that I was “in business”

I went home after I’d picked up the kids from daycare and took some pictures of various random items in my office (remind me to tell you about my office and how that came to be. It’s like a museum piece, rarely used but it looks great from the lounge room) and updated my social media with cover and profile pics to finish “my look”.

Now I have to be clear right from the outset here. This is a hobby for me, a creative outlet for someone who has too many kids to be able to paint in peace but who can make a website and post thoughtful and hopefully thought provoking content for others to read.  I think The Humble Mum project is going to evolve as I do and I can’t wait to share more about myself and my  life with you.

When I first said to my husband that I was going to do this and that I was going to name it The Humble Mum, he said “but are you a humble mum?” and I flicked my hair obnoxiously and adopted a prissy up myself tone and responded “of course I am darling, I’m nothing if not humble!”. But I do think that The Humble Mum fits me to a tee. I am an average woman, living an average life with three kids, two dogs and a husband in suburbia. I am kind, modest and unassuming for the most part. I have my own anxieties when it comes to life and especially when it comes to motherhood. But I’m confident enough in myself that I know I’ve got this.

So welcome to my world and welcome to my stories. Grab yourself a hot cuppa once the kids are out of your hair and settle in for a quick read.

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