How I approach getting fit and healthy and losing weight

Starvation is not the key!

I do not hold myself back from eating anything at all. What I do though is to log everything in my FitBit app and keep an eye on the calories in and out and make sure that I’m not over indulging. You have to keep life fun even when it’s about something serious like your health.

Pace yourself or you’ll burn out

Don’t think that you’ll suddenly drop 10kgs because you thought about it. Set a realistic goal and hold yourself accountable. My goals are to:

  1. Get back to pre-third bub weight ASAP (3.3 already lost and 1.6kg to go)
  2. Get back to pre-twins weight by the time bubs is 9 months old (another 5kg in 4.5 months)
  3. Eventually get down to my comfortable weight by the end of the year (another 3-5kgs in 3 months)

Ask for support, you never know where you’ll get it from

I didn’t think my husband would be interested in joining in on my health and fitness kick despite him having gained some baby weight too. But as soon as I took control of my personal situation, he was on board with his health and fitness entirely! He’s the chef for the house, and I’m the shopper so between us both we’ve been stocking the cupboards with good food and then cooking it.

One of my best friends also decided that she was going to do her own version of a health kick (which is a hard core body transformation program that I always support her through in my own way, but could never do myself) and another friend is on a 28 day challenge through The Healthy Mummy program. So there are plenty of people to support me in addition to those around me who stay fit and healthy normally anyway.

Hold yourself accountable to something or someone

Since I’ve had my FitBit Alta HR, I’ve also been taking advantage of the FitBit Aria that my husband got a while back and doing a daily weigh in. I know that everywhere you read says to weigh in once a week, but I like to see daily results. Any gains are seen as a renewal for my focus instead of something to get me upset by. The FitBit Alta HR is what my life revolves around now. I use it to track my calories burned and my food diary is in the app with my water intake. Everything I need to be able to easily identify what I’m doing, what’s working and what’s not is held within the amazing range of FitBit products I use (no, this is not a paid endorsement – haha).

Give yourself a break when you need it

I don’t have cheat days, I just have a blow out every now and then. But that doesn’t mean I throw my hands in the air and say “oh well, I’ll just wait until Monday to start again”, no that’s not what I’m about. Heck I started this whole thing on a Thursday. I regularly will have a little blow out (smarties, milky ways, muffins) BUT, and this is the most important thing, I don’t let that shape the rest of that day or the week. I just resume my usual healthy eating, calorie counting ways and even log the food I’ve eaten when during my blow out.

Because had I not just given in, I would have held onto that craving, that hunger, that desire until it consumed me and I couldn’t think of anything else and then I’d go to the shops and buy the whole damn chocolate aisle and eat it all in a day. So I know within myself that I may as well let myself have some guilt-free moments of devouring something delicious to avoid the deluge that would surely come from denial and starving myself of what I’m craving.

Celebrate all of the wins

My pants that I had to buy when bubs was 8 weeks old are now so loose that they are falling off my hips. I happened to pick up another two pairs in the next size down a few weeks ago and they are now fitting comfortably and will soon be too loose too. But the good news is that when that happens – my pre-pregnancy clothes will all fit me again and I’ll have a whole “new” wardrobe! I had the biggest smile on my face when I realised what had happened though and next time those pants come through the wash, they’ll be going into the donate pile!

You can try it my way, or find the way that works for you. Being a mum to three under three is hard enough without carrying around an extra 13 kilograms. For me, this is a lifestyle change that has to happen to be able to enjoy being me again. It’s a cop out to say that you don’t have the time to get fit and healthy, because finding the time is sometimes just moving a little bit more and monitoring what’s going in and what you’re really burning off in a day.

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