Introducing Little Dog

One day not so long ago, already having my plate full with two and a half year old twins, a newborn and Big Dog, I got it in my head that I wanted a dog. Not just any dog, an inside dog, preferably white that would be mine.

Meet Little Dog.

Little dog is largely an unknown entity. He was a rescue dog, but not from the RSPCA or a similar worthy organisation. It was just me falling in love with his scruffy features as they appeared blurrily on a FB post advertising him for give away in my local area.

Little Dog Rescue
Little Dog give away

The advert itself was full of lies as it turns out (discovered via some further questions innocently asked of the person I got him off, information given to me by the vet and my amazing powers of deductions based on all of this – a story for another day perhaps), but I loved him from first sight and despite the lies, he’s an amazing dog and has made a wonderful addition to our family.

I was the second in line for him and he was a giveaway, so there was no scam or con risk involved as far as I was concerned aside from potentially some veterinary fees. When the lady said he was mine if I wanted him, off I went to meet him. My husband and I agreed that should he not be suitable for the kids that he wouldn’t be brought home.

I met him and despite being a bit scruffy and dirty, he was friendly and excitable and full of energy but was a lovely natured dog. He was exactly what I was after, a small white dog that I could have inside that would be a good companion to the kids too. It became clear on the car ride home that he was at some stage very much loved and trained to some extent as he sat on the car seat on his best behaviour.

On the way home
Little Dog goes to his forever home

So while my parents looked after all the kids, I took him to the pet shop to accessorise him up, get some food, flea and tick treatments and grooming gear. $180 later and I had everything that I needed for my little guy. I got him home and introduced him to the kids and he was amazing with them! He was very kind with them and it was actually them that I had to watch around him as they love him too much sometimes.

My main concern with getting an inside dog was that I’d never be able to put the baby down on the floor again for tummy time. But right from that first day, Little Dog has always been very respectful and when told to go away or leave the baby alone, just goes elsewhere and sits down. He does like to sneak onto the baby’s blanket every now and then – but he’s washed once a week and is predominately kept inside so I don’t have a problem with this.

His happy place
Little Dog in his happy pose

Our Little Dog has been a great addition to the family and he is dearly loved with us and that makes me happy. After finding out all the things that I was told during the process of getting him that weren’t actually true about him, I don’t know where he has really come from but he has a forever home with us now and that’s all that truly counts!

Sometimes you just have to take a risk on the unknown and hope for the best. Of course had I any inkling that he wasn’t suitable for our family, whether it be that he acted aggressively towards the kids or anyone else or that he became a nuisance barker – he would have had to have gone. But he’s fitted in perfectly and has become a very much loved part of our family.

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