Disappointing Holiday Moments for 2.5 year olds

So, as would happen on most family holidays, there were some interesting moments. Most of these were hilarious to my husband and I, but soul crushing at the time to Miss A, Miss B or both together.

  1. Chicken nuggets are not for every special occasion
    Being picked up from daycare early on departure day with Grumpy in attendance, they correctly guessed that it was a special occasion, but learnt upon requesting chicken nuggets that it wasn’t that kind of special occasion.
  2. Granny and Grumpy can’t come on holiday with us
    Seeing Granny and Grumpy briefly at the airport whilst they picked up my car to take it home, the girls thought that they were joining us when they weren’t.
  3. The dogs can’t come on holiday with us
    When they listed everyone coming on holiday, “daddy coming on holiday, mummy coming on holiday, sissy coming on holiday, bubs coming on holiday, me coming on holiday, little dog coming on holiday, big dog coming on holiday” they were told that the dogs weren’t coming with us.
  4. The man stole our stroller
    Upon checking the stroller to the oversized baggage handler at the airport, there were some tears about the man who stole their stroller.
  5. Sometimes a turtle is a fish
    Upon learning that the hatching animals that daddy bought them at Seaworld weren’t both turtles. The fish was still called a turtle anyway, but is actually a clown fish like Nemo.
  6. The man stole all of our bags
    Two screaming kids alerted the wing of the hotel we were staying in by yelling that the concierge took their bags as he was walking off down the hallway with our luggage aboard his luggage trolley to go to the car.
  7. That you don’t always get cake at a party
    This is my favourite actually. We were leaving my grandmother-in-law’s birthday dinner and Miss B was crying inconsolably about something. I eventually worked out that she was devastated that we left the party without cake. There was no cake at dinner, we’d had cake the night before and that morning actually but not at dinner. Explaining to an overtired 2.5 year old that it wasn’t that kind of party and that we’d already had cake was a bit of a dead end, but was all I could do as she bawled her eyes out saying “me want cake” all the way home.
  8. That you don’t get to keep the “new car” (a.k.a. Hire Car)
    The girls were both very disappointed that we didn’t get to keep the hire car or their “new seats”.
  9. That you don’t get to leave holidays and go home just because you said it
    A few times throughout the holidays the girls were ready to go home, “we go home now?” was asked and each time they were told that we are still on holidays for X more nights and that we’ll go home after X more sleeps.
  10. That just because we’re home, the dogs don’t have to be home
    This is probably the sweetest one. We inadvertently booked the dogs in for two extra nights instead of the one that we needed. The girls were a bit lost without the rest of their family members and were asking constantly the last two nights where little dog and big dog are.

Overall I think that the girls had a great first holiday. It’s certainly not the first time that they’ve been away, but definitely the first time that they have been able to interact with and enjoy the experience.

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