22 year old me… wow, just wow

When I first started this blog, it was actually the third blog that I’d ever written, not counting anything of a professional nature of which I believe there is one. The very first blog that I wrote was started with a group of friends who were avid bloggers and generally avid computer type people.

We are talking back in 2005, before Facebook hit it big (I think I joined FB in 2007 after a friend’s wedding). My first ever blog entry was a bit ridiculous for even me to read. So I guess digging out my old diaries and going further back in history is going to be a total embarrassment.

But the point of reflection on previous writing is to see how much you’ve grown, how life has changed and to remember things that you may not otherwise recall directly through your own memory. Especially in this day in age when there’s just simply so much information running through your mind and available to the average human. To retain some of the more valued memories and to be able to recall them as they occurred from from a nearer frame of time such as later that same day, rather than 12 years later is priceless.

So here goes, my first ever blog, written in 2005 by a 22 year old me:

This being my first ever blog in the whole wide world, I wanted to say something significant and meaningful….But that went out the window the moment my parents decided to desert me in favour of sailing!!!! What the? Okay, so admittedly, I’ve been busy doing my own thing for a couple of weeks, – okay, since I moved back in with them two months ago – but that doesn’t mean that they can just take off on the first weekend that I was prepared to spend with them (okay, so that is due to lack of other interesting offers! But – hello?) And it wasn’t bad enough already that they were going to leave first thing tomorrow morning, but they had to up the ante on my rejection issues and leave straight after dinner tonight! Hmmphhhh!! They even left me with the dishes….okay I offered to do the dishes, being the dutiful daughter I am! The point of this story? My parents deserted me, I have desertion issues!! I am bored, and lonely and I have resorted to the most tedious tasks to keep me occupied. And they’ve only been gone 20 minutes….I’m currently putting all of my CD’s onto my computer in order to make some kind of “Ideal Sleeping CD” And then I’ll probably use the alphabetical listing in Windows Media to alphabetise my entire CD Collection. And if I’m still bored and lonely after that, I have my DVD collection and my bookshelf to do……But, before you get too worried that I’m going to colour-code my undies drawer, know that I have brought some sappy-chick-flick-movies to watch this weekend. And that just adds to my already extensive collection of my three favourite movie genre’s – ROMANCE; ROMANTIC-COMEDY; DRAMA. Yup, slush central over here! You name it, I’d have it….or plan to get it. My saving grace would have to be the couple of action movies that made it purely for perve factor….. XXX – Vin Diesel (yes please);Phone Booth – Colin Farrell (please sir, can I have some more?)….. Anyway, back to being bored….there’s always the dishes to do

Wow 22 year old me, although mostly writing for the entertainment and slightly tongue in cheek comedy genre, was a high energy ball of fun wasn’t she? In a very short 12 year time frame, my 35 year old self sits here looking at the writings of me past and the involuntary shaking of my head has started. It’s cringe worthy to read and I wrote it!

I wonder what I’ll think of this blog and the writing within in the years to come. I wonder what my children will think. I guess only time will tell.

One thought on “22 year old me… wow, just wow

  1. Craig Westbury (dad) says:

    And here your parents are 12 years later, still sailing….well, living on a motorboat now as age creeps up upon us all. I laughed when i read that first blog.
    Love Dad


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