Product Review: Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants

Recently on family hHuggies Ultimate Nappy Pangsoliday, my toilet training two and a half year old twins weren’t quite advanced enough to go next level and persist with all of the strange places and toilets.

Our convenient solution though was to purchase Huggies Ultimate Nappy Pants. I was able to fit the nappy pants on mid-descent on the plane when Miss A decided that she needed to go when the seatbelt light was flashing.

They have great capacity, are comfortable and leave no lasting red marks around the legs. I love that there is an option to be able to fit them like you would a nappy, especially when it’s colder and you have a fully dressed toddler.

Every aspect of the nappy pants market has been thought of including the slightly more fitting Mickey and Minnie characters for the toddler set. Very important to please the little people with their undergarments – it certainly makes changes so much easier!

This review has also been published on TellMeBaby and can be found here:

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