I’ll just be over here rocking in a corner…

“Far be it for me to complain about the state of the world, I have no knowledge reaching further than my own front yard.” – The Humble Mum

I’m quickly writing this post after I’ve finished my day at work and before I shoot across to daycare to pick up my children. Upon which I’ll be set upon with the force of two toddlers and a baby, all requesting the exact same thing and the exact same time – “cuddles please!”

Although the baby cannot say “cuddles please”, his little eyes yell it alongside his sisters with an audibility much greater than theirs. Hard to believe in itself as the girls do get quite the volume to them when making certain requests. Sometimes I’m even delightfully deafened temporarily with the high-pitched squeal that Miss A has started to try out.

So, where have I been? I’ve allowed myself approximately 23 minutes to tell you. Let’s see how fast I can type and edit a post! I’ve had sick kids. That’s right, just when the world was getting to be a slightly kinder place and everyone was sleeping a little more soundly and I was getting caught up with life admin and getting into a groove with my social media and The Humble Mum stuff – the kids got sick.

Not just any kind of sick either… Miss B was struck down with a 10 day virus of some description with a two days delay for Miss A, alternating symptoms of varying degrees between the two of them. This thing was a monster. I’ve said to my friends that it’s the worst illness that’s struck our house and I’m pretty sure I’m on the money there. It was some kind of weird flu-like but not, meningitis (doctor mentioned this word and sent me into a special kind of stress spiral that only other mothers on the look out for the tell take purple rash will know) – like but not, UTI-like but not sickness.

Across the course of the 12 days of hell, we had GP visits, x-rays, urine samples taken, hospital visits, antibiotics and so many sleepless nights. Because of all of this, my baby boy had his first ever formula feed and my husband had to go and buy, make up and feed his first ever formula too (good to know for future reference though – hello girls nights!).

But we made it through the other side. Only the toddlers were hit and the baby and us parents escaped unscathed from illness, just forever scarred from the week and a half that was. We are only just finding our feet again but not really and it’s a week after everything “returned to normal”. I say that in quotations because – what is normal after all?

This week has brought about its own set of unique challenges and it’s only Monday! My husband and I have made the decision to put all of the children into daycare for an extra day per week. The baby won’t start straight away because they don’t have a spot for him. But just knowing that the toddlers will be entertained for another day of the week is already a weight off my shoulders.

What will I do with this “free” day? Well – there’s a long list and it starts with groceries, cleaning, washing, household errands and generally all of the slave-like jobs that you usually bust a gut to get done on top of every other daily job that you have to do in your week, but sometimes just don’t get to. It will eventually be a kid-free day and possibly have some element of “me time” thrown in, although not until I get all of my jobs done.

I’m hoping to recover my usual energy enough this week so that I can start using my post-bedtime silence to blog, post on social media and make some kind of plan for where I want to head with The Humble Mum and what else I’d like to write about. At the moment I just put kids to bed and generally jump into mine with or without dinner.

So on these short notes, I’m around, please keep reading and I look forward to sharing more with you soon.


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