Decluttering my life

So last week a (possibly sponsored but I can’t remember) Facebook page popped onto my radar. It was the Five Day Small Steps Declutter Challenge. Since then, I’ve been interacting with a lot of other women and mothers who have the same issue as me – too much clutter in their lives!

I think most people joined the challenge to try and find a way to physically declutter their lives but the challenge itself is slightly more metaphorical than that. So far the tips have been standard enough, turn off your notifications (I already had), clean out your undies drawer (I already had – but need to go back and do it again now after I stop breastfeeding), do some meal prep (doesn’t apply so much to me as my husband is the main chef in the house for dinners). I’m excited to see what the final two challenges will be and am hoping that they’ll be something that can change my life for the better, more organised version.

The side effect of this challenge is that just knowing you’re involved in a declutter challenge has set me off on a declutter mission. I spent the weekend clearing out a big garbage bag full of random bin items, plus another big garbage bag (or two) or donations and another A4 paper box jammed with papers to be burned by my husband on his next camping trip.

The donations part was the hardest of all of that because I keep thinking, “I could sell that”. But I never have and probably never will!

In any case, the declutter challenge has now led to me organising all of the small kids clothes ready to go to our annual clothes swap, analysing every item of clothing I have in my cupboard (nothing is safe!) and promising myself that this kid-free Thursday, I’m going to clear out all of Jack’s 00 clothes and replace it with his new wardrobe of 0’s! I also have to go through the girl’s clothes and clear out any of the more worn daycare clothes.

A while back I watched a documentary on Netflix called Minimalism by the minimalists. It inspired me to want to live with less! I’ve backpacked around Europe with 14kgs of the bare essentials – I can live with less surely. But alas, no action came out of watching the documentary, until now. Now I feel like I would benefit from watching the documentary again and especially now that I’ve managed to declutter my life significantly just over the weekend I know it will have a bigger impact.

So, onward and upward in my journey to live more minimalistic and to live with less. Declutter is my middle name and I’m on a roll. I’m setting myself a goal here and now that by Christmas time, there will be no excess belongings in my home – only the things that have been used within the last 12 months. I promise myself that I will endeavour to always be critically analysing new purchases (especially from Kmart) as to whether they are essential. I vow to conduct a quarterly clean up of items that I don’t use, won’t use or have not use for. I will take action as and when I happen upon something that needs to be thrown out, donated or sold. This is my aim for myself, a resolution set randomly in a moment of clarity of the mind.

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