Tails from the toilet

Picture this… two freshly showered toddlers declare upon getting out of the shower that they need to pee. “Fine!” I say, “sit on your potties”. Next minute one is adding, “and I need to do a poo!”

In a moment of absolute desperation, not wanting to clean a poopy potty, I hedge my bets, “double the chocolates if you poo on the toilet!” I almost yell, sighing in relief as she takes up my offer and climbs up to start the poop.

We nearly had an early withdrawal from the deal when she declared that she couldn’t poo on the toilet, only on her potty. But alas, the poo had a mind of its own.

And just like that we found ourselves a full family of five standing around the toilet door celebrating the event. Mummy, daddy, sissy and even baby brother jumping around clapping our hands and counting the poos as they fell into the loo. The proud pooper had a smile as wide as the big banana as she did her business happy no doubt with the attention but delighted with the prospect of the choccie riches that would follow.

In case you’re wondering, we paid up 16 mini m&m’s for 8 poos (and a shart). The other toddler received a back-payment plus some interest for her toilet poos from throughout the day.

I feel like the real winner here no matter what as I didn’t have to clean a poo out of a potty all day!

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